Prophetess Duan Le`Quan
As a Nation, we have entered into a time of THE UNPRECEDENTED...a time of unprecedented FAVOR and BLESSIINGS as well as a time of unprecedented CHOAS and EVIL. As a People, we are BECOMING...we are becoming the change we want to see in the World. We are becoming the Kings and Queens we must be to occupy and reign in the Earth until The King OF Kings returns. We are becoming the manifested SONS of God that all creation has been groaning for and we are being positioned and propelled forth to be an answer to those very groans. But with that comes great responsibility for, "To Whom much is given, much is required." Luke 12:48

Once knowledge is acquired, one is then REQUIRED to teach and empower others to not only KNOW but to BECOME as well. We have entered into our Season of Greater Works and The Father has called us out to RELEASE the Portion of the Kingdom of Heaven that resides within us. I encourage you to STAND on your FAITH.... GO FORTH with NO FEAR and CONQUER new territory for it is INDEED the time for The Children of the Most High God to Be Royal, Rise up & Reign!
Prophetess Duan Le`Quan is EVIDENCE that miracles still manifest.   After moving to the East Coast in 1996, she became trapped in an existence filled with drug addiction and sexual exploitation.   The streets of Atlanta nearly claimed her life in the fall of 2004, when she was shot and left for dead...BUT GOD.  She heard the voice of the Father call her into Ministry and she obeyed. The Lord began a work in her and throughout several years she studied Biblical Education, Urban Evangelism, Christian Counseling and Organizational Leadership at Beulah Heights Bible University.  Though she attained great knowledge and insight through her formal schooling; she emphatically believes the Holy Spirit is still the best teacher of all.

In 2007 the Office of Prophet was confirmed upon her life and after years of training and equipping, she was found faithful and was Affirmed and Consecrated into her Divinely Ordained position of authority in the Kingdom of God as a Prophetess of The Most High; through the Full Gospel Pentecostal Assemblies Fellowship.  It was then, that she founded Global Intercessors United (now known as Pure Gift Intercessors Academy) and she began training and equipping Intercessors and Intercessor Ministries Nationally and Internationally. She continues in that charge to ready the people of God for War by teaching them all that The Holy Spirit taught her concerning Intercession.  Prophetess Duan has submitted her gifting and office under the tutelage of many great Apostolic and Prophetic teachers over the years; yet she only acknowledges God as Father.
Prophetess Duan Le`Quan is a worshipping Warrior for Christ and her heart’s desire is that of her Heavenly Fathers: that NO MAN should perish but that ALL should made free and be afforded the opportunity for Eternal Life through the Blood of The Lamb and the truth of Christs testimony.  She has been called by God to declare His Word across this Nation and she has been perfectly positioned by the Father to emerge for such a time as this.  An anointed and skilled Prophetic Psalmist, the songs of the Lord that she prophetically decrees have been the catalyst for many acts of healing, deliverance and breakthroughs.  She is the Founder of Crowned Jewels International Women’s Society; a fellowship of powerful, prolific women who have joined together and accepted the charge to restore Royalty back to our sisters and daughters.  Prophetess is also a published author: “Spiritual Warfare Made Simple, A Practical Guide to the Over-Complicated” was released in 2012 and her memoir is due to be released in 2017.